The Back Breakers Training Center, currently located at 399 Main St. Archbald PA, trains individuals by giving them the basic tools to become a success within the professional wrestling world.

We pride ourselves on offering a high quality professional wrestling education and offer hands on experience. Since this is a high impact sport, we focus first and foremost on the safety of our trainees. Secondly, we focus on the presentation of what we teach and the thought process, or "psychology", behind it. Due to this, there is a high focus on the mental aspects of professional wrestling in addition to the physical aspects.

We have worked with many indy and world talent, including those from WWE and TNA, whether it be through clinics/seminars held at the BBTC or using our facility and talent to workout. In addition, our graduates have gone onto working for numerous promotions around the country including WWE, NXT, TNA Impact Wrestling, Global Force Wrestling and Ring of Honor as well as various indy promotions such as WSW, WXW, GSW, TRUE, The Monster Factory, Xcite, 2CW, WWWA, HOH, PWS, FWE, EWF, VCW, KYDA, PPW, ECPW and countless others.

Noteable graduates include: Justyn Glory, Eric PinHat, Matt Turner, The Impeccables Keita Murray and Kit Raff, Johnny Moran, Sammi Pandora, Travis Dorian, Mike Mitchell, Harszang, Tyrone Kidd, Jimmy Pipes, Shogun Machette, Marc Mesmer, Trajan Horn, Cyrus Mars, Carver Cross, Tucker Riley, Coach Cal, Rodd Wylder, Peter Doors, Jonny Popatopalus, Skylar Kincade, Dyson Bennett, Aaron Roxas, Danny En Fuego, Criss Harsch, Squid Sterling, Adena Steele, Trevor Trudeau, Demitrius Raid and Pat McDermott; certified DDP Yoga instructor and currently in charge of running the DDP Yoga Performance Center!

The Back Breakers Training Center also has a long tradition of holding wrestling seminars for its students, featuring experienced professional wrestlers from across the world such as Jeff Jarrett, "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase, "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart, Luke Gallows, Sonjay Dutt, Stevie Richards, Mike Mondo and Robbie E.
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